Walled City lahore Authority

Walled city Lahore.. had an amazing Tour

After reaching Greater Iqbal Park, A guide named Adnan has joined us. We headed towards Lahore Fort. I have seen Summer palace and sheesh mahal which I had not seen before. In the summer palace, I saw the hidden Shah Jahan’s room, Labyrinth, deewaroo k kaan was an amazing experience. I was wonder how 400 years before they have built this without technology. IN Sheesh Mahal ,we have seen stars in the daytime at the roof of sheesh mahal courtesy bt Sir Adnan.

After that we left for Badshahi masjid ,have a snack break ,offer prayer.I explored resonating walls and infinity corner there.

I have learned how the old people were creative and hard worker. They had live a very rough and tough life.We should also learn to preserve such monuments so that it would not dull its shine. And also how the unknown become family,caring and protector for us .

Traveling is the best way to learn about history .I would continue such plans with my fellows as I am also life-long learner.

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