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I am an unseen and uncharted life hidden inside thirteen giant gates, though some I have lost still I hold the glory of the bygone days and the possessions of the past which the rulers left behind in my streets and edifices. I am walled city, the old Lahore; I am the essence of life, heritage and culture”. The walled city of Lahore, which no doubt is among the oldest settlements, is a cosmos of monuments, havelis, cuisines, bazaars, culture and traditions and all these features make it a living heritage museum. This city is a marvel inside thirteen gates with a unique and matchless lifestyle.

A little from History

Walled City Lahore was the birthplace of Prince Loh, became Brahmanabad city, got invaded by Subuktagin, captured by Mahmood of Ghazna, conquered by Shahb ud din Ghauri, ransacked by Mongols and remained with Khiljis, Tughlaqs and Lodhi Dynasties.

Then came the golden era of the Mughals when this city touched its zenith. The Mughal emperor Akbar re-built the mud fort of Ghaznavid period with burnt bricks and added thirteen gates to the city connected with a thirty feet high fortified wall. The gates he added were Delhi Gate, Yakki Gate, Sheranwala Gate, Kashmiri Gate, Masti Gate, Roshnai Gate, Lohari Gate, Bhatti Gate, Shah Almi Gate, Akbari Gate, Mochi Gate and Taxali Gate along with a Mori. The Mughals built giant mosques like Mariam Zamani Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque, Taxali Mosque and Badshahi Mosque along with several other structures. These monuments are still seen in the walled city of Lahore.

Lahore became such a charismatic city that the Sikhs started fighting for power and gained the throne when Maharaja Ranjeet Singh became ‘Sher-e-Punjab. The Sikhs added in more buildings, havelis and religious sites like Gurdawara and Janam Asthan. The famous havelis of sikh era still seen in the old city are Haveli of Dhyan Singh, Haveli of Nau Nehal Singh and Haveli of Jamadar Khushhal Singh. The pavilion or Baradari of Huzoori Bagh was also built by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and celebrated the attainment of Kohinoor diamond.

Later the British took over Lahore and carried away the precious Kohinoor diamond with them. The British also demolished the high walls of the city and pulled down the gorgeous gates and added a circular road and circular garden around the city. During all this time from Mughals to British, the walled city of Lahore witnessed commotions. In the early 1900s the British rebuilt the thirteen gates with a different architecture from the ones of Mughal era, and these are the gates we see today. A few gates were burnt and a few collided with the passage of time and at present, we have only six of them. Out of these, the only Mughal era gate is the Roshnai Darwaza which is next to the Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh opposite Lahore Fort.

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