Walled City lahore Authority


Kamran Lashari

Director General

Our dedication extends to the myriad of tourist sites within old Lahore, each a chapter in our collective story, now made accessible and engaging through our efforts.

Shahid Nadeem

Director (Administration & Accounts)

A dedicated beacon for the preservation and celebration of Lahore’s illustrious past and vibrant present.

Meet Our Team

Passionate experts dedicated to preserving the Walled City of Lahore’s rich heritage

Meet Our Team

Mr.Kamran Lashari

Director General

Mr. Shahid Nadeem

Administration & Accounts

Director (Administration & Accounts) (BS-19)

Mr. Najmus Saqib

Conservation & Planning

Director Conservation & Planning (BS-19)

Ms. Tania Qureshi

Media, Marketing & Tourism

Director Marketing & Public Relationing ( BS-19)

Ms. Nosheen Zaidi

Social Mobilization

Deputy Director Social Mobilization ( BS-18)

Ms. Aisha Khan

Craft & Culture

Deputy Director Crafts & Culture ( BS-18)

Mr. Azeem Dad Khan

Conservation & Planning

Senior Architect (BS-18)

Mr. Muhammad Shabeer Malik


Deputy Director Finance ( BS-18)

Asim Rashid

Administration & Accounts

Deputy Director (Administration & Accounts) (BS-18)

Mr. Fiaz Hussain

Conservation & Planning

Deputy Director Sewerage & Solid Waste ( BS-18)

Tamure Hasan

Conservation & Planning

Culture Heritage Specialist (BS-18)

Mr. Muhammad Ayaz Siddique

Conservation & Planning

Deputy Director Water Supply (BS-18)

Mr. Mubashar Hassan

Conservation & Planning

Deputy Director Conservation ( BS-18)

Samina fazil khan

Media, Marketing & Tourism

Deputy Director Media n Marketing (BS-18)

Asghar Hussain

Media, Marketing & Tourism

Deputy director Tourism (BS-18)

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