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Fantasies Of 15 Archaic Havelis

The history of Lahore is a story of evolution, political incidents, and the preservation of times when Pakistan and India were a subcontinent ruled by the Muslim Mughals. Later Lahore became the hub of the Sikh ruler, and finally, the Sikhs were replaced by British rule. In 1947 the subcontinent got divided into Pakistan and India under the British rule. 

From the times of the Mughal Era to the present day, Lahore has managed to adapt and dominate its cultural and architectural survival for decades. Lahore was initially a walled city between the historic gates, but present-day Lahore has stretched to a greater area due to rapid urbanization in the peripheries. 

Most people only know about the historic mega-structures of Lahore, such as; the Lahore Fort and the Badshahi Mosque, but very few people have explored the old gems. This blog will break down the 15 oldest places to visit Lahore, which belong to the time of subcontinent and partition. 

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