Walled City lahore Authority

The Walled City of Lahore Authority has initiated the conservation works at Mazar e Iqbal complex with the purpose of preserving and protecting the cultural, historical, architectural, and religious significance of the site.

The details of the conservational works will be as follows;

The red sandstone of Iqbal’s tomb and its floor is going to be changed. The marble jalis of the tomb are being cleaned with chemicals, wooden door of tomb is being repaired. Moreover the water proofing of the roof is being done and also anti termite treatment is being conducted in order to make these conservational work more effective and long term.

 Conservation and adabtive reuse of Ulema’s Acadmy and Hujra’s at the back side of Tomb, provision of a Multi purpose hall inside Iqbal’ s Acadmy and upgradation of public facilities, shifting of shoe racks and canteen towards old Roshnai gate will also the part of this project.

This whole project will be completed with the cost of 225,885,539.64 /- Rs

Conservation Gallery