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Lahore – Ancient mystics, lovely locals, street food

At the Lahore bus station we got into an Uber with our new friend Salman, who was headed to the same direction. After sitting 22 hours in a bus from Gilgit to Lahore, we were really looking forward to getting to a guesthouse and having a shower and a nap. We had looked up a place from Booking.com where we would like to stay. We hadn‘t done the booking yet, though, in hopes to get a better rate in person. This time the tactic didn’t work. They asked for a double higher price because apparently all the rooms we had looked at had been just booked. So, we had to start looking for anotherL place, which is never that pleasant in a new, big city.

Luckily Salman, who had insisted on helping us, was living just around the corner. We could leave our bigger bags to his room while we walked around asking for the prices of the hotels. We were really tired, so we didn’t last too long until we gave up and agreed to something that was much more than our usual budget in Pakistan. But it was a nice room.

Lahore seemed very stressful with its chaotic traffic and the streets that were clearly not made for pedestrians. But what we really enjoyed was the weather. Finally, FINALLY, it was warm! On the first day we were so tired, though, that we didn’t spend too much time outside. Another thing that made us happy was that there were much more veggie food options than before. 

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