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From Gawalmandi to the Fort Road

Almost two years after the Gawalmandi food street fiasco, the Fort Road food street is all set to launch after the 10th of Muharram.

Located behind the Badshahi mosque, set amidst the Taxali and Roshnai Gates, the SikhGurdwara and numerous other historical buildings in the Walled City, the Fort Road food street is one of the 9 planned food streets to be constructed in various parts of Lahore in the near future.

More than two dozen buildings in a V-shaped street have been ‘dressed-up’ for the purpose and gates have been erected at the entry and exit points of the street. It has been communicated that the Punjab government and the City District Government Lahore have not contributed financially to the development of the street as the project is a private venture; however, it has facilitated and arranged for the loan requested. What seems evident is that the people most likely to benefit from the street are those close to the ruling party, multi-nationals, business tycoons from other parts of the city and various ‘VIPs’ in the Punjab.

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