Walled City lahore Authority

AFD Delegation

Culinary Experts Dinner at Makatib Khana

Culinary Experts from Azerbaijan

British High Comissioner to Pakistan Jane Marriott CMG Visited Walled City and Fort

Lecture and Visit of Dr. Corrine Lefevre (researcher on Mughal History) & Ferrante Ferranti ( Architect & Photographer) from France (French Embassy)

CM Mohsin Naqvi Visit to Bastion

CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi Visited Shahlamar Garden

First Lady of Pakistan visited Shahlamar Garden

Governor Punjab M. Sarwar at Bastion

Minister Local Govt Ibrahim Hasan Murad

Exclusive History by Night of CEO Honda Company Japan

Dr. Laura Tedesco - Cultural Heritage Program Manager at US Department

US Ambassador Donald Bloome

Country Public Affairs Officer Bettina Malone from US Consulate visited Walled City

Deputy Chief of US Mission Pakistan Mr. Andrew Schofer and USCG Ms. Kristin K. Hawkins at Shahlamar Garden

USCG Ms. Kristin K. Hawkins at Food Street

USCG Ms. Kristin K. Hawkins at WKS

Tony Verheijen, Operations Manager World Bank Afghanistan visited Walled City