Walled City lahore Authority

The royal bath in Lahore Fort, which was accidently discovered by the Walled City of Lahore Authority when some staff while clearing and cleaning various areas in Lahore Fort found a chimney hidden under debris behind Jahangir’s Quadrangle.

The structure had been hidden under 100,000 cubic feet of debris since ages and it was part of Akbar’s Palace.

The red sandstone, Kankar lime plaster and layout of the royal bath was similar to that of Shahi Hammam and the materials used in the construction of the bath related to Akbar’s period. there were proper water and steam channels inside the bath and the décor was also simple.

It was discovered in the neglected part of the fort. Walled City of Lahore Authority immediately started its documentational works.   The conservation and restoration of the Akbari Hamam has been completed.

Conservation Gallery