Walled City lahore Authority

This magnificent gate was named after the third Mughal Emperor- Akbar the Great, who rebuilt this fort with burnt bricks and added several mind blowing structures in it. This gate, built in 1666, is located on the eastern side of the Lahore Fort and faces the Rim Market and Mariam Zamani Masjid which was built by Emperor Jahangir for his mother. Historians say that there was a garden which connected this gate with the Mosque.

This gate was once the main entrance to the Lahore Fort and till now the stateliness of the gate can be seen in its ages-old bricks and huge structure. The gate is elevated from the ground level and wide enough for an elephant to cross its wide wooden door. The gate has two storey’s with chambers inside it which must have been used by the watch guards and other soldiers. The gate has a basement and it was known as Akbari Sarai (Akbar’s Rest House).

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