Walled City lahore Authority

The Walled City of Lahore Authority has inaugurated the Dilkush l Lahore Project on Mall Road to enhance its beauty. This initiative is part of the Beautiful Punjab Project aimed at beautifying major cities in the province. The Local Government Community Development Department entrusted the WCLA with the beautification work. The project, stretching from Chairing Cross to Old Tollington Market, has a cost of 487.7 million rupees. Activities include underground wiring of electricity lines, building restoration, illumination, pedestrian facilities, creation of social gathering spaces , proposal for majestic/colonial central median poles and waste disposal. Phase 1 involves ongoing work on recreational spaces, public gathering areas, public seating, electric works, and traditional activities. The  Dilkush Lahore Project includes the restoration and embellishment of Mall Road buildings. The project’s completion is expected in 2024.

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