Walled City lahore Authority

Satghara village lies about 124 kilometres from Lahore (24 minutes’ drive away from Okara City). The name of this town Satghara is commonly believed to drive its name from words (Saat or Seven) (Ghara or pitchers) or seven ghars (seven homes). Another sound historical folklore is narrated that some injured soldiers of Alexandar the Great (belonging to ancient town of Stageira of Macedonia) resided there and they named this ancient town as Stageira now corrupted as Satghara. The Walled City of Lahore Authority has completed the renovation project on February 2021. The project cost 33.118 million. The purpose of this restoration project is to preserve the remnants of this historical heritage for future generations. For this purpose the documentary record of the historic buildings here was completed and the following works were carried out.

The project includes:

  • Conservation of the Tomb and the Fort Walls
  • Surrounding of brick surfacing
  • The open courtyard with a stage and Mir Chakar’s Statue
  • Illumination of the complex
  • Provision of offices and washroom facility
  • Community area rehabilitated with covering open drains, new drainage system with sewerage and pavement of the streets

In the second phase of restoration Project, these works will be carried out

  • Construction of a rest house
  • Museum
  • Provision of parking area

Conservation Gallery