Walled city of Lahore

“I am an unseen and uncharted life hidden inside thirteen giant gates, though some I have lost still I hold the glory of the bygone days and the possessions of the past which the rulers left behind in my streets and edifices. I am walled city, the old Lahore; I am the essence of life, heritage and culture”. The walled city of Lahore, which no doubt is among the oldest settlements, is a cosmos of monuments, havelis, cuisines, bazaars, culture and traditions and all these features make it a living heritage museum.

Royal Trail

The Royal Trail was named as Shahi Guzargah because some of the historians report that it was used by emperors while coming from Delhi and going to Lahore Fort.

Shahi Hammam

The Shahi Hammam also known as the Wazir Khan Hammam, is a Persian-style bath which was built in Lahore, in 1635 C.E. during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan.

Lahore Fort

The Lahore Fort is a citadel in the city of Lahore. The fortress is located at the northern end of Lahore’s Walled City, and spreads over an area greater than 20 hectares.

Havelis of Lahore

The Walled City of Lahore has many typical havelis. These havelis reflect the beauty of Mughal and Sikh Architecture. Famous Havelis are inside the Walled City of Lahore.

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