Director-General– the Organization’s head is the Director-General who is nominated by the Government of Punjab for a suitable tenure.
Present Director General – Mr. Kamran Lashari

Directorate of Administration – this directorate works to plan, develop and manage human resources for optimal organizational performance and implement action on staff policies and regulations; provide efficient and timely core services, procure and manage human resources for all Directorates in order to facilitate their smooth functioning.
Present Director Administration and Accounts – Mr. Shahid Nadeem

Directorate of Conservation & Planning & Building Control – This directorate works on the conservation, urban planning and building control mechanisms of the Walled City of Lahore.
Present Director Conservation & Planning & Building Control – Mr. Najam Usaqib

Directorate of Land Record Property Transfer – This directorate deals with the matters of property transferring and maintaining the records of all the properties inside the walled city of Lahore.
Present Director – Mr. Asif Zaheer

Directorate of Engineering & Infrastructure — This directorate supports the engineering and infrastructure works which are carried out inside the walled city of Lahore and at different monuments.
Present Director Engineering & Infrastructure – Mr. Akbar Munir

Directorate of Marketing, Tourism– building a soft image of the organization, promoting it through various media tools, holding events for the promotion of the Walled City of Lahore, printing and publication of reports and other reading material, and building up tourism is the basic work of this directorate.
Present In Charge – Ms. Tania Qureshi

Social Mobilization Wing – This Wing of WCLA deals with the community mobilization of the walled city of Lahore. The team mobilizes the community for the upcoming projects and interventions to be made in the walled city during conservation, restoration, tourism and events projects.
Present Incharge – Ms. Nosheen Zaidi

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