Partners in Conservation

US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) funded the conservation of Wazir Khan Chowk in 2017.

The USAID funded the conservation and restoration of Sonehri Mosque in 2011 and conservation of Wazir Khan Chowk in 2017.

The German Embassy funded the restoration of the Gali Surjan Singh in 2007.

The Royal Norwegian Government funded the conservation projects of Shahi Hammam and the northern wall of Wazir Khan Masjid in 2013 and 2017 respectively also they are presently funding the project of Lahore Fort picture wall conservation.

The World Bank was the donor of Sustainable Development of Walled City of Lahore Project (SDWCLP). A loan agreement was signed between the Government of Punjab and the World Bank in June 2006, in which US$ 6.0 million was diverted from the World Bank credit for the Punjab Urban Development Sector.

A Public Private Partnership with AKTC was signed by the Government of Punjab in 2007 for getting their technical assistance in the Pilot Urban and Rehabilitation Project (Delhi Gate to Masti Gate). AKTC is supporting the Walled City Authority in all the technical matters in terms of restoration and conservation work being carried out on the Royal Trail.