Partners in Conservation

Agha Khan Trust for Culture Services Pakistan (AKCSP)

AKCSP is a renowned nonprofit organization that undertakes restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures and common spaces in ways that can spur social, economic, institutional and cultural development.

It focuses on placing heritage conservation within larger context of community development. The goal of AKCSP is to help communities manage social, cultural and economic changes in such a manner that they do not adversely impact on environmental and cultural heritage, while engaging in appropriate sustainable development.

AKCSP is engaged as technical partners with WCLA since 2007 ( when the government of Punjab started it as a small project under the name of ‘Sustainable Development of Walled City Lahore Project’). After the establishment of WCLA in 2012, the AKCSP continued working as technical partners and till now under this prestigious partnership several landmark projects have been completed. Some of the projects are:

  1. Conservation of Shahi Hammam
  2. Conservation and Restoration of Chowk Wazir Khan and Wazir Khan Masjid Façade
  3. Conservation and Restoration of the Northern Wall of Wazir Khan Masjid
  4. Technical Assistance for the rehabilitation of the Royal Trail
  5. Restoration of Gali Surjan Singh inside Delhi Gate
  6. Conservation of Picture Wall Lahore Fort
  7. Conservation of Shah Burj Complex Lahore Fort
  8. Conservation of Royal Kitchens Lahore Fort

The German Embassy funded the restoration of the Gali Surjan Singh in 2007.

The USAID funded the conservation and restoration of Sonehri Mosque in 2011 and conservation of Wazir Khan Chowk in 2017.

The World Bank was the donor of Sustainable Development of Walled City of Lahore Project (SDWCLP). A loan agreement was signed between the Government of Punjab and the World Bank in June 2006, in which US$ 6.0 million was diverted from the World Bank credit for the Punjab Urban Development Sector.

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