Musaman Gate

(Conservation 2018-19)

According to historic references Musaman Gate was also known as Musaman Burj or Samman Burj which means a ‘Jasmine Tower’. This gate is at a height if compared to the other gates of Lahore Fort and according to historic records it was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan somewhere around 1632 for entrance in to the Lahore Fort.

Musaman Gate was one of the main gates of the Lahore Fort but unfortunately with the passage of time it was abandoned and remained in a poor condition and the stairs leading to it got crumbled and few steps vanished. Around the gate piles of debris were seen and most of its parts were lost under the huge growth of wild plants.

According to the old maps and references to Lahore Fort, the Alamgiri Gate, Royal Kitchen and Musaman Gate were connected with the Shah Burj through a garden. The royals would enter through this gate and crossing the garden they were able to reach the other parts of the fort like Deewan-e-Aam, Jahangir Quadrangle, Shah Jahan Khawabgah and most importantly the Sheesh Mahal.

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