Akbari Mandi

The historic Akbari Mandi is the Whole Sale Market of Grains, Spices, Herbs and chemicals. It is one of the largest spice & grain markets in Asia. The market was established during the Mughal Emperor Akbar and is named after him.

Fish Market

There are two whole sale fish markets In Mori Gate and Dehli Gate. The market of Mori gate was established in 1969 and approximately its 45 year old market. There are 21 shops in this market. While the fish market of Delhi Gate is some 13 years old and nearly 35 shops are there. Supply of fish is made to the renowned restaurants of city and also to other cities. One can buy all varieties of fish from there.

Azam Cloth Market

Asia’s largest cloth market, Azam Cloth Market is located inside Delhi Gate the cloth is supplied to Afghanistan, Iran, India and China from this market. Nearly 16000 shops are present in this market. Azam Khan the Lieutenant General had established this market in late 50’s.

Pakistan Cloth Market

Pakistan cloth market exists inside Delhi Gate near Azam Cloth Market. This newly established market deals in retail and attracts thousands of people to shop from there. it has both male and female clothing variety. The market has almost 1500 shops.

Kasera Bazaar

This 130 years old Kasera bazaar is located near Rang Mehal Chowk. This bazaar is unique because of its antique utensils and decorative items in copper, brass and steel. Almost 150 shops of this bazaar give you a variety of household items especially the kitchen items.

Waan Market

Near Kasera bazaar is the Waan Market existing for more than hundred years. Before partition it was called WAAN WATTAN while now it’s named as Waan market. This market deals in Baan, Seba, plastic baan and all kind of stuff used in making traditional furniture.

Moti Bazar

The largest shoe market of Pakistan is also right here inside the walled city “Moti bazaar”. This bazaar was established during the Mughal era. Almost 125 years ago this very place was the redlight area but later it shifted to Taxali Shahi Mohallah. There are almost 1500 shoe shops in this maret which deal in the wholesale trading.

Sarafa Bazar

The gold market is the Sooha or Safara bazaar which ws established in 1960’s. It is the largest gold market of Lahore with almost five hundred shops. Before the establishment of this bazaar the area was used by the cobblers and tailors.

Wachowali bazaar

Wachowali bazaar is situated near Sarafa Bazar after crossing the Chatta Bazaar. This bazaar exists since 1952 and is the hub of meat sellers and butchers who are living there before partition.

Chatta Bazar

Chatta bazar is the silver market. This market is linked with the Sarafa bazaar in Rang Mehal Chowk. This is the largest silver jewelry market in Pakistan.

Kinaari Bazar

Kinaari bazaar is situated near Rang Mehal Chowk. This Bazaar exists here more than hundred years. Before partition most of the shops were owned by Hindus and Sikhs and later after partition they migrated to India and the shops were taken over by the Muslims. Presently here are 150 shops and the bazaar being famous for all kind of embroidered clothes. This market deals in both retail and wholesale.

Gumti Bazar

Next to Kinari Bazaar is the Gumti Bazaar. This market is nearly twenty to thirty years old. This bazaar is also famous for embroidered clothing but at a cheaper rate. A renowned Indian actor OmParkash was the resident of this bazaar before partition.

Shah Alam Market

The Shah Alam Market, located adjacent to the site of the Shah Alam Gate, is a thriving centre of commerce for over a century. You think of anything and it is there in Shah Alam Market. Accessories, cosmetics, electronic goods, handicrafts, antiques, stationery, crockery, genuine items and counterfeits, brand new, reconditioned or spare parts all are available there. this bazaar has almost twenty thousand shops.

Shisha Moti Bazaar

Shisha Moti Bazaar exists near gumti bazaar, Rang Mehal. Since a long time, it was the area of milk sellers and buffalos were kept there. In 1980’s Shisha moti market established there. In Shisha Moti bazaar the material of shoes manufacturing is sold, and the bazaar has almost fifty shops.

SheikhuPurian Bazar

Here comes the biggest Khussa (traditional shoe) market the Sheikhupurian bazaar which exist in Texali gate. It’s a Mughal period Bazaar and was named after Shehzada Saleem’s nick name Sheikhu. This market is renowned for leather Khussa’s and kola puri chappals. This market deals in whole sale and retail. Khussa’s and kola puri chappals are also being exported to other countries and all over Pakistan. There are almost 150 shops in this bazaar.

Ainak (spectacles) Market

This market is located outside Shah Alam gate. This market exists since 1970. There are almost 120 shops in this market. We find spectacles and goggles manufacturers and factories located near this market. A massive range of eye glasses, lens, and sunglasses are available in this market. This market supplies the items all over Pakistan.

Bangle Market

Women will surely love this place. It is the biggest bangle market of Pakistan established in 1950. The colors and variety of bangles are mesmerizing in this bazaar. There are almost hundred shops in this market.

Langha Mandi Bazaar

Lahnga Mandi Bazaar is the biggest musical instruments market in Lahore. It is situated along side Shahi Mohalla, Taxali gate. In almost hundred shops you will find all types of traditional and modern musical instruments.

Rim Market

Rim Market exists in Masti gate, opposite to the Akbari gate of Lahore Fort. This market was established here since 35 years before. This is the market of Car Rims. Nearly 50 to 60 shops are here.

Birds Market

Birds market is located outside Bhatti Gate. The chirping of birds will surely stop you to take a glance at them. This is a newly established market having almost fifty shops.

Gem Stone Market

This market exists between shah alam gate and Lohari gate. Before partition there were some traders of gem stones but after partition there were none. They all migrated to India. The present gem stone market here was established some 30 years before. Nearly 55 shops are here. No exports are made.

Papper Mandi Bazar

Papper Mandi Bazaar exists in between shah Alam gate and lohari Gate. It’s a market of Herbs, Perfumes, Murabbajaat and plastic bottles. Nearly250 shops are here. It’s also said that this market exists here since before partition.

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