Picture Wall Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort Picture Wall is the longest mural wall in the world, decorated by exquisite tile mosaic work and depicting various figurative scenes of the Mughal era.
One of the prime reason for the Lahore Fort being declared a UNESCO world heritage site.
The project comprised; documentation, research and analysis of the Western Facade.
Outputs were attained including the survey and documentation creating a scaled elevation using EDM and photo rectification techniques, a damage analysis of the facade, material testing, geotechnical investigation, structural stability analysis, history of interventions, interpretation and analysis of images and historical identification of geomatric patterns.

Picture Wall Project July,2015 to Jun, 2016
Picture Wall Prototype Project
Nov, 2016 to Dec, 2017

To work out a strategy for conservation of the Lahore Fort Picture Wall by restoring a selected area of the picture wall.

To further provide an enabling plateform to discuss the special conditions and requirements of the conservation of the entire wall in an international workshop to be held in January, 2018 to review the protypical interventions made during the earlier months.

To define a statisfactory course for the completion of the conservation work of the picture wall including methods of consolidation, cleaning and illumination.  This project was initiated from November 2016 and completed in December, 2017.

Project funded by Royal Norwegian Embassy.