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Haveli Mian Sultan

Mian Sultan, a Kashmiri by caste, worked as a manufacturer of soap in the time of the Sikhs. He was also an expert in the art of wrestling. During the British era he became a contractor for public works and his gains from this source were enormous. He became a man of much wealth and from Sultan came to known as Mian Mohammad Sultan, a contractor. He was the destroyer of numerous old buildings and mausoleums, and the builder of edifices as numerous as those he demolished. A Haveli in Delhi Gate bazaar, Landa Bazaar and Serai Sultan outside Delhi gate were constructed by him. Main Sultan also constructed the Lahore Railway Station and Delhi Gate during British rule.

The Haveli Mian Sultan is located opposite to Dina Nath Haveli on the main royal trail inside Delhi Gate. The entrance to the haveli is from Gali Mian Sultan, a street named after the same man. The Haveli is a three storey building with a small structure one can see as a fourth floor. There are a number of rooms inside the haveli, along with a beautiful Sheesh Mahal which is on the roof top. The Sheesh Mahal was built identical to the Sheesh Mahal inside the Lahore Fort.

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