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Name Designation Email Ext. Direct Line
Kamran Lashari Director General 14 92-42-99204201-2
Shahid Nadeem Director (Administration) 27 92-42-99201222
Asif Zaheer Director (Marketing, Culture & Tourism) 15 92-42-99204239
Najam Us Saqib Director (Conservation & Planning) 33 92-42-99204205
Tania Qureshi Deputy Director (Media, Marketing & PR) 26 92-42-99204204
Muhammad Shabbeer Malik Deputy Director (Finance 153 92-42-99205259
Aisha Khan Deputy Director (Culture) 172 92-42-99203653
Adnan Zahoor Deputy Director (Tourism) 165
Nosheen zaidi Deputy Director (Social Mobilization)
Akbar Munir Deputy Director (Project Construction)
Shahid Mahmood Deputy Director (Urban Planning)
Hamza Ali Assistant Director IT 130 92-42-36371641
Muhammad Javed Senior Tourism Officer 92-42-99204196

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Contact Walled City of Lahore Authority for visit of historical places, culture, art, tourism, booking and all other related services.  We are ready for help!

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