Buggy Ride

Option A:

Route: starts from Fort road Food Street, including all 12 gates and ends at Fort Road.

Duration: 1hour

Buggy Seating capacity: 4 persons

Buggy charges: Rs.5000/- per buggy

Option B:

Route: starts from fort road Food Street, chowk heera mandi ,taranum chowk, Taxali Gate and back.

Duration: 20-30mins

Buggy seating capacity: 4 persons

Buggy charges: 3000/- per buggy

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Cultural Activities

Flute player
Saii Muhammad Ali
Baba Rai Dhol Wala
(Select your favorite artist for the cultural activity to your guided tours, please book 2 days ahead of the tour)
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Guided tour from Delhi Gate till Fort Road Food Street followed by famous Lahori Breakfast at the food street. No transportation will be provided from WCLA.
Charges per student: Rs 600/- (Student group should be above 50)
For Booking please contact at
Office Landline: 0092-42-99203653 Monday to Friday (8am-4pm)
Cell: 0321-4589105 Monday to Sunday (8am-4pm)